Hidden Hollow offers Premium Full-Care Board  

  • Stall Cleaning
  • Grain/Hay - Morning/Afternoon/Evening
  • Supplements
  • Blanketing
  • Turnout
  • Laundry
  • Show Trimming
  • Mane Pulling
  • Grooming/tacking/untacking
  • Bathing/wrapping/poulticing/foot packs/icing, etc.
  • Magnetic blanket/Centurion footpad/other holistic therapies
  • Holding Horse for Veterinarian/Farrier (if needed)

This package also includes up to five staff rides per week.


This monthly charge is for stocking items used by all customers. These items include fly spray, shampoo, poultices, hoof oils, hoof conditioners, topical medications and daily grooming supplies. This also includes schooling tack, boots, saddle pads, etc., most equipment used on a daily basis.


Lessons may be scheduled with Trainer Ginny Edwards and/or Assistant Trainer Erin Hastings as private, semi-private (two riders) or group with differing fees.

Non-boarders are welcome to ship-in for lessons, and ring rental (indoor and outdoor) is available. Please inquire about rates.


Day Care

Day care includes the extra work involved in preparing a horse for competition. This rate is charged from the day of departure to the day of return, with different rates for full-care boarders, non-boarders and basic care.


Coaching is charged per horse/per day of showing, with different fees for boarders and non-boarders.

Staff rides at horse shows is charged per horse/per day of non-showing with different fees for boarders and non-boarders.

Showing fee is charged per class/per horse.

Grooming fee is charged per day/per horse.

Morning schooling, if needed, is charged per horse/per day of showing.


Miscellaneous Fees

An expense split, standard in the industry, may include feed, shavings, tack rooms, feed rooms, lodging, rental cars, gas, mileage to and from the show, meals and other expenses incurred by staff, and is divided equally among customers' horses.

Other fees, such as Night Watch, may appear as line items

Braiding - leave check

Entries - leave check